Thursday, November 24, 2005

The LTTE mania

"Whether LTTE is doing good for Tamilians"...

This was the discussion run in my colleagues' and my classmates' circle for the past 2 or 3 days. I am still wonder how our Political leaders made our fellowmates to believe all that LTTE done were gud for nothing. They(my friends) consciously say "If LTTE were not there, then Srilankan Govt would have domolished Tamilian community"...

Actually, right from the beginning, LTTE, if I say it promptly Prabhakaran, has been looking for some higher official post. (Even the highest official post.) He might not achieve it by participating in election. So, he took terrorism in his hands.

If you see the assassination chart created by LTTE, you can very well know that most of the persons they killed were Tamilians. I think the recent eg. is Lakshman Kathirkaamar. They can argue that "We killed those persons, since they didnt do anything they promised". Then I want to raise a question... LTTE group was formed against Singalease. ie: To stop the singalease govt's monarchy(LTTE said). Then, why didnt they killed singalease officials?? (I dont wish that. Just wanna raise a question) But, they killed only Tamil officials. This clearly explains Prabhakaran's motive to achieve the highest post. He is continuously killing most of the top tamil officials, so that he can become a lone Tamil Leader(saviour??)

Somebody compared him with Nethaji and Bhagat singh. They asked me "If struggling to get freedom is meant terrorism in your dictionary, then Nethaji is also a terrorist". But, the thing here is.. Nethaji never killed our own Indians.

In Srilanka, tamilians can participate in election and can be elected for higher posts.. Even after this, how can one justify the demand for "Separate Eezham"?? If one gives justification for this, then he has to give the same justification for the demand put forth by Ramadoss "Thani TamilNadu", Congress's "Separate Telungaana", etc

If the srilankan govt didnt give basic rights to tamilians, then there would be some justification for the LTTE's motive. But, its not the case at present. One cant ask the same separate country in US. 'coz u know that US is powerful. If Srilanka was also as powerful as US, then there wouldnt be LTTE evaluation or say minor evaluation...

One of my friends quoted Prabhakaran's interview. There he said "If war starts then they(Srilanka) cant win LTTE"

Its doesnt mean LTTEians are powerful. But, Srilanka is also under democracy. No body can take any unanimous decision. They have to consult even with opposition parties. And, vote bank politics is also there. (This is the same reason why we are struggling with Kashmir... we cant directly throw bomb over them blindly like how terrorists do)

Moreover, whenever LTTE is strugling and suffering for weapons and warriors, they announce ceasefire. And as usual, some Human Rights commision will start talking like "What LTTE is looking is peace. But, the Srilankan govt never wants to listen... bla bla..."... So, Srilanka too wanted to accept the ceasefire unwillingly. But, after some time, ie: after LTTE gains their property, they come for war again. And in that too, they havent fought face to face till date. They throw bombs where Srilankan civilions live,... not over the army persons. Turn the history for proof.

We call one person as terrorist when he acts against common civilians. The person who acts against political parties and govt is called as revolutionist. The one which happened @ France was Revolution. But, the one which is happening in Srilanka is uncivilized gorilla war...

My First Post

Hi All,
Welcome to my blog. A simple intro to my blog.

Here I am going to write whatever I think, which is reasonably good. Here I mean I think ... ie. the comments I am going to post here are only my views. No intention to hurt anybody. You can verywell quote any -ve things in my posts.

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