Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mozhi -- Universally appealing language

Better late than never… It has been very long time since I saw this movie. And, the movie deserves a review. I never thought that I would write a review for a movie by Radhamohan, thou’ his earlier movies were gud.

“Wow… Wat a movie man!!”… After a very long time, I felt this once the movie ended. Many wonderful movies came in the recent period, but this movie is sth spl. ‘coz we can verywell relate everything with our personal life. Simply saying.. “A feel gud movie”.
Thou the story is not very new to tamil film-dom, the script is. Its really a gud example(initiative?) to show a physically challenged person in a positive attitude. Nowhere in the film we pity Jo. The director used to tease tamil cinema’s monotonous nature in his earlier movies… That continues in this movie too, but in a subtle manner, as usual. ;-)

The director handled some nuance scenes very beautifully. While Prithviraj tried to feel how it wud be deaf, he pasted a bunch of cotton in his ears… Where u can notice a book “MAD” in the table.
In the song “Kartin mozhi”, the director shows how Jo tried to feel the music… while her grandma pat on her shoulder, while she cut the vegitables, etc. If u notice, since Jo cudnt hear, she felt in the way the object moves. Ie: while she cut the vegetable, she nods her head up and down, and when the (pooja) bell rings, she nods her heads sideways. ;-)
In the same song, after Swarnamalya finished her dance, everybody started clapping. Only prakashraj started clapping the way we used to. The other two, Jo and Prithvi clapped in the sign language. (Prithviraj then only started his learnings on sign language)
In the climax, after Prithviraj scolded Jo, the music Vidhyasagar used as BGM was the one which she felt the first time what music was.

Jo’s acting was awesome. Just notice her body language when she says she cant speak and hear. And, the place whr she felt the music in her eyes. I came to know the meaning of “Kangalum kavi paaduthey” thr only. If she is firm on her decision, Tamil industry will surely lose a gud actress. Not to mention, Brammanandham and Baskar’s role aptly presented in the movie.

Some of the dialogues penned by Viji were unforgettable… After Brammaanandam saw Prakashraj in “shame shame” manner, he shouted with Prithviraj, “Naan avan mogathai kooda paakka viruppa padaathavan”. The audience came to know the inner meaning only after few seconds. ;-)
Some powerful dialogues too… “Vaazhkkai’la silathai thappu’nnu unarum pothu, athai thiruthikkida santharppamey kidaikkaama poidalaam”. “I am not sacrifycing myself, but sharing my life.”

One another main thing is Music. I wudnt believe my ears… He used to score gud music for songs for some movies. But, in very rare situations only, he succeeds in scoring gud BGM too. And, the rare situation occurred for this movie. ;-) That one we can feel in the scenes like.. when Prithviraj told Prakashraj “Naama kooda padathula sila idangalla, BGM venaam’nnu amaithiyaa vidurathu illaiyaa?”
The camera and editing helped the movie to go in the admirable pace. Anyway, I cudnt get why K.V.Gugan angled the camera by 30 degrees, in some places.
The only thing “Pesamadanthaiye” song was unnecessary for the movie.

Prakashraj is simply the best… We shud appreciate him for his enthu in producing gud movies (Poi was an exceptional, thou’).
I saw the movie almost two weeks ago. But, still I cud recollect almost everything. Then, u cud understand how far the movie impressed me. ;-) After the movie ended everybody started clapping and the movie surely deserves.