Monday, April 24, 2006

Thiruttu Payaley -- Movie Review

Actually I think, I stopped writing reviews of movies. But, this movie made me to write atleast to some extend.

First think, there is no hero in this movie. Dont mistake me... I dont mean the script is the real hero, thou' its true. But, literally no hero. Even u might wonder how one took a movie only with villians. But, Susi Ganesan did it well. Even he made us to feel for the hero(like) character in the climax.

For a thriller movie thr exists two approaches. (or, I know only two!!) The movie can be moved like a cricket match. ie: one side can be allowed to play its part. After that the other side can start its own. But, this movie is like a football match. The director made the two teams to play. As soon as one side was nearing the goal post, the other side was trying to escape with great tactics, and that too in a very different manner, that tamil cinema havent seen yet.

Thou' the director said Sonia came with a smiling face, the sadness couldnt be removed from the face. what to do!! Jeevan did a gud job. But, whenever he laughed, I was frightened. ;-)

I still wonder how Bharatwaj came up with a gud music!! But, for me, it gave me a feeling like Susi Ganesan doesnt give importance to Music as much. He usually chooses only some ordinary MDs, not like IR, ARR, etc. Yes... I accept... The re-recording was gud. But, a music should help the movie to take it one step up. Here its not the case. All I can say is, it went along with the movie.

Usually, we cant feel like a song coming, if its a Maniratnam movie. Even in Susi's earlier movies too! But, here the patrons started walking for a 'dhum', once they felt a song wud come. Even, the movie cannot be named as technically very rich. A few new tries are gud, like showing the picture in a wide angle camera(or, whatsoever!!) I couldnt really get why the director used green color tint for some specific scenes. Might be I can, if I see the movie one more time. ;-)

The best thing in the movie is the script. Susi weaved the script with beautiful knots. And, he really showed that "crime doesnt pay", in a small comical and thiriller way. And, even in a single part, I didnt feel like seen the scene already in any other movie. And, Susi carefully avoided the redundancy too. There were no extra dialogues or visuals.

But, the only thing is, the script appears with an international appeal. Our fellows might not be ready to accept this type of creativity, since the movie dealt with the mind fight between the two, not physical. And, there was no the so called 'pure' love. Love scenes appeared only for some moments. And that too came along with the story perfectly.

Anyway, this type of movie should come and should be appreciated. Hats off to Susi!!