Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Paruthiveeran -- To all whoever wants to feel the nativity...

When Ameer finished his “Mounam Pesiyathey”, he invited two personalities specially for the premiere of the movie. One was Kamalhasan and the other was Maniratnam. I decided to see that movie after reading this. And, Ameer continues the same spirit even today. His latest Paruthiveeran can be claimed as his best till date.

Thr are very few directors who never compromises or compromises a little, like MR, KH, BM, etc. Now, its Ameer’s term. Now-a-days in the m/c world and multiplex fever, one would really dare to take a village subject. Ameer did it well. And, the success is he even made it to be watchable by multiplex audience too. He even touches castism in some scenes(Actually, the theme of the movie is also tat only). The liveliness of the village can be smelled all over the movie. The Madurai Tamil… If my memory is correct, after Virumaandi, this is the movie where colloquial tamil is used for the full length.
Actually speaking, the “Melam”, “Naadhaswaram”, “Karagaattam”, etc remind me of my native’s(Kulasekhara patnam) Dasarah festival. Wonderfully captured!! The way the songs taken was another beauty. Ilaiyaraaja’s haunting voice adds another feather to the song “Ariyaatha vayasu”.(Mind it… IR was paid Rs. 2Lacs to sing tat song, highest ever paid for a singer) That is how a puppy love shud be… very decently captured. The other side “Matured love” also captured in a very beautiul manner, “Iyayo” song.
The script was very straight forward… Then and there thr was flashback scenes, which gave the firm base for Karthik and Priyamani’s love and Priyamani’s father’s non-acceptance for the love. The director carved the character of Karthik with atmost care… One can find it when the small kid was answering to Priyamani father’s question. Since I was born an brought up in village, I can feel it. Thr are such kids always. :-)

Karthik… I really doubt whether he learnt direction or Acting, while he was assisting Maniratnam. ;-) Its awesome man!! What Surya did after Bala shaped him, he did it in the first film itself. And, tat too the “looties” of himself and his uncle(Chittappa). If I say it in Tamil, “Kaalaikkirathukku oru alavey illaama kalaaichirukkaanga”. U cant stop laughing of wat they did after the constable looting the money 4m them. When the police took fotos of the prisoners, Karthik sed “Give pose, they are taking fotos”. J When they lay on the sunlight and explaining to Priyamani why they were lying, etc scenes. And, Priyamani too justified her role. She fits like T as a normal village gal… And, her voice… If she only did the dubbing, that also did the justification. A very apt village gal voice.

Yuvan Shankar Raja and Ramji took the film to a new height, indeed. When I wrote review for Pudhupettai, I praised his music like anything… But, in one another review someone scolded him for not giving music with nativity feel. Yuvan answered him by this movie. You can feel the nativity in every frame. Ramji’s camera work… as expected he used Red tone. But, very different camera angles… That too when he showed the scenes that happened in Redsand. Does the director really wanted to say something? (Only ‘coz of the blood drops, the sand becomes red??)

The only thing I cant digest is its Climax. It doesn’t mean that, the climax is unjustifyable. Even, its a very creative climax also. But… why cant he take it the other way?? After Kutti, this is the 2nd movie which I wanted to see the 2nd time, but cant see, atleast for the climax.