Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu -- Ya... Its true!

Man... Really really something is different in this movie. Right 4m the start up... I hav never seen such a opening sequence for Kamal, or even for any other actors. Be it in editing, be it in camera, the movie stands apart. Actually, I didnt concentrate much on camera(Ravivarman) when I saw the movie the first time. Even, I thought the camera was not as gud as Pudhupettai. Still, the view continues. But, seriously talking the camera is awesome in many places. Especially in the intro scenes of Newyork city. The editing(Antony) also... Thou in some places, it reminds KK, its so gud and fast. One more thing is fight sequences. Kamal is aged, so he cant move a lot and fight. The stunt master(stun Siva?) has done a wonderful job, especially in Bostan fight.

This movie can never be compared with Goutham's previous work, Kakka2. KK still be the best in its genre. It deals with the police officer's life, fighting with the known villain. But, here its not the case.

The movie starts with a tagline, "Another episode of a police officer's life". True! The whole story revolves around Kamal(Raagavan) only. His passion abt his work, his love, his investigation, his chasing etc. In every frame, u can find Kamal. For telling the story neatly, thr wont be Kamal in very minimal frames. Thou the story has logical flaws, like... how the killer easily kills everyone, How the killer avails visa easily, etc., the script is gud. Very gud/apt narration.

Some minute details shud be notified... Prakash Raj was a christian in the movie and so a Jesus foto was thr in out of focus in his home. In the song 'Paartha mudhal naalil', thr came a first night sequence. At tat time, Kamal removed all garments 4m Kamalini. After tat, he touches the 'Thaali', she had smiled and noded 'No'. After this, in a long shot, he kissed her for a long time. And so, she was breathing harder. Kamal signals tat he wud give her some air. ;-) The NY police officer told tat they found a license for a gun but the gun was missing. And, it was the one the killer used when he tried to kill Kamal. When Kamal writes the suspects' names in front of a NY police officer, he naturally writes one of the suspect's name in Tamil and erases it and re-writes in English. When the killer talking to his friend, we can find a poster with the word "Hannibal". When one of the killer constantly insisting to kill the police officer, the other one hugs the fellow and consoles. The other fellow immediately becomes cool and u can find it why in the climax. When the killer tries to kill Kamal the killer wud hav kill him in one shot. But, the killer wants Kamal to die slowly. 'coz its the character of the killer. The killer is a serial killer. ie: Usually serial killers will be intelligent and they will follow the same style whenever they kill someone and their intention will be the same for every murder. These things are brilliantly handled in this movie.

Actually, some felt tat the love scenes slows downs the script. Thou' its true, it cant be taken in this way. Even when the film starts, the director tells that this is a story of a police officer. Then, its unavoidable to hav such scenes and its natural tat love scenes cannot be handled tat much faster as action scenes. I shud certainly mention abt the dialogues in those love sequences. They were so gud. I think I wrote it in KK review itself... After Maniratnam, thr is Goutham to take gentle, lovable love scenes.

The only thing in this movie had a -ve impact is Re-recording. Its gud in some places, whereas in some other places it starts irrirating. Harris shud hav stopped his work with songs only. He doesnt know whr to keep mum... Except very few frames, in every frame u can hear some BGM too... this is not a gud MD's job. Julie Ganapathy is somewhat related to this Psycho genre. HJ shud look into that movie to see how a World class BGM shud be. Thou its not possible to give the output like IR, HJ shud try for some extend.

Kamal's acting... Its perfect man... He lives how a police officer shud be. The majestic, gigantic look, patience and speed, always an alertness, etc., proves kamal again. Need myself to say again??

U can see the movie only for Kamal itself. But, surely its one another Goutham's beautifully waiving movie. Even worth watching for 2nd time. ;-)