Monday, April 16, 2007

Unnaaley Unnaaley -- eGO

"Ragalai panni irukkaanga", if I say it in Tamil. "Wow", if I say it in English. (Thats all man. I know just 2 languages!) ;-)

Jeeva, the director of the movie, is becoming the "Man of Scripts". (Of course, still I say Maniratnam is the master of that). The way Jeeva blends the characters and scenes takes the movie somewhere in the highest peak. In the starting itself, u can see his brilliance and the one line of the story. A man with the letter M in his T.Shirt, speaks for men. "God created men first". And, a woman with the letter W in her T.Shirt speaks for women. "For every product thr is a rough draft and thats why God created men first".
I dont think yesteryear movies(, or I dont see those movies) which deal with 2 different type of characters... Both are very extremists. One is very sensitive and the other is very casual. And, Jeeva takes care of analysing Men's way of thinking and Women's way of thinking. And, its not preaching but entertaining. The movie starts with the fight b/w the hero and his lover, where the director shows the sequence in the 3rd person's eye. And, story travels back why the fight happen then comes to the present situation where the script flows around just the 2, (Here Vinay was telling the story 4m his point of view). Perfect in every inch. And, the 2nd half also... How the love develops b/w other two. Nowhere in the movie u will feel Tanisha is playing negative role, since he decided to love Vinay, thou Sadha too loving him. When Tanisha started loving him, u wud also have come to the decision that "why dont this fellow love Tanisha". And, tats the power of Jeeva's script.
The director adds himself in the line of Maniratnam, Gowtham, etc, while taking love scenes. They are very lively and lovable, especially Sadha-Vinay love scenes. When he mets her the 2nd or 3rd time, it started raining, she unfolded her umbrella, he came under the same umbrella and was saying "Mazhaiye nammalai onnu serthu vaikkuthu". Suddenly, she folded the umbrella, and he said "Naan nanaiyirennu neengalum nanaiyureenga paatheengalaa!". So, she unfolded the umbrella again and he sed like "Eppadiyo naama onnu sernthuttom!" . ;-)

For a movie, to which the MD is Harris Jeyaraj, then he should be underplayed. And, he has done it. His re-recording is gud in many places. But, I could feel the music is played in some places. Yeah... he should learn a lot 4m Ilaiyaraaja, when it comes to BGM.
Cinematografy... All I can say is 'Just amazing'. The director fully exploited his talent when capturing the beautiful Australia. The feel is very rich, especially in the song "Mudhal Naal indru". The best thing is indoor shooting. As my friend, Srini, pointed out, it wud be easier to capture flowers, sunset, etc beautifully, as they are inherently beautiful. The real challenge lies in capturing the moments with the man made things. Jeeva passed the challenge with distinction.
The very powerful part of the movie was handled by S.Ramakrishnan, the dialogue writer. Some samples...
"Vittu kodukkirathu illai love, purinchu yethukkirathu thaan". "Puriyaama sernthu vaazhrathai vida, purinchu kittu vilagi vaazhrathu kooda kaadhal thaan". "Love'ai sonnavangalai vida sollaama ullukkullaye vachu kittu irukkiravanga thaan niraiya peru".
In the debate what women expect 4m men and men 4m women, its not the question whether men or women win, but S.Ramakrishnan won. But, Tanisha says she likes the 'lies', men tell. I dont think so, else, I would have got 2nd gal friend by this time. (The first one is my mummy) ;-)

Vinay is the new face and also Tanisha. But, surely u wont beleive, except when it comes to lip movement. The only thing is songs. Songs are gud... accepted. They are pleasing to hear.... accepted. But, for that, the director shouldnt put them in whereever he wanna take rest 4m the tight script. ;-)

Men may have relationships(I mean just a personal relationship ;-)) with so many gals, but he will give importance to just one gal and will like to live with her, thats the movie says. As far as myself is concerned, its true. But, even after seeing the movie itself, I couldnt understand the character of women. And, I think, thats why the director has only one representative for all men but two for all women, both are extremly different in character. If anyone understands, feel free to mail me back. ;-)

BTW, as a whole, its really a gud attempt by the director. A different attempt, altogether!!